Welcome to My Artistic World

By Preeti Sen   |   01-09-2021

“Dwell on the beauty of Life. Watch the stars and see yourself running with them “I am avid art enthusiast from the CITY OF JOY – KOLKATA (INDIA). Despite being a Senior Corporate Communication & PR professional with proven brands, it’s a passion to jugglemy time to transport my thoughts through my paintings.

With the enriching experience of life as it meanders through, I keep adding colours various feelings through my canvases. I enjoy playing with colours through spatula and knife work as well as other forms too. I have been actively involved in several Corporate Sustainability Programmes over the years and have earned laurels and accolades for the various brands while associated with.

On a different note, I am currently donning the hat of Ms. Goodness Ambassador for the coveted MS Plus Size Beauty Pageant India 2019. With inspiration from nature & my travel diaries across world.

I am inspired to portray the feelings in my illustrations. Every stroke of colours provides an immense joy to my inner soul and it catapults all my stress to a feeling of sublime joy. With my repertoire of life’s enriching experience, I try and give shape to my humble creations.
Your acceptance of my humble creations would be the most treasured gift.
Welcome to the world of Mystiq- The pantheon of Art aficionado.Because I love painting and thought others not to have the stresses and worries as had, when I was building my painting skills once again after two decades.

I decided to create Paintings to feel Solace in manifolds in this journey. A healing touch with the blend of colours as a therapy. I would love to share all my processes, techniques, and methodology that have taken me decades to learn, and I explore each day,

Let’s get started with the Story Of My Canvas …..With YOU .

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