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Preeti Sen

is an artist based in Kolkata

Welcome to the world of Mystiq – The pantheon of Art aficionados. I am an avid art enthusiast from the CITY OF JOY – KOLKATA (INDIA). Being a Senior Corporate Communication & PR professional with proven brands, it’s been a passion to juggle my time while I try to transport my sublime thoughts through my paintings.

With the enriching experience of life as it meanders through, I keep adding colours to my canvas through varied emotions and feelings. I enjoy playing with colours and my medium ranges through spatula & knife, acrylic and water.

Every stroke of brush provides an immense joy to my inner soul, and it catapults all my stress to a feeling of sublime joy. With my repertoire of life’s enriching experience, I try and give shape to my humble creations.

Beside my passion, I have been actively involved in several Corporate Sustainability Programmes over the years and have earned laurels and accolades for various brands that I’ve been associated with.



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With the enriching experience of life as it meanders through, I keep adding colours, various feelings through my canvases.

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I enjoy playing with colours through spatula and knife work

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Dwelling on the beauty of Life

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Modern art was the predecessor of contemporary art. Modern art came into existence around the 1860s and continued up to the 1960s.

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Hi Everyone, Welcome to my World of Color and Creativity.

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